Pattaya - Lonely Beach Express Bus: from Pattaya direct to the white beaches of tropical Koh Chang island

The express bus is a direct VIP bus connection from the bustling beach resort of Pattaya (พัทยา) and the white beaches of the tropical island of Koh chang (เกาะช้าง).

The most comfortable way for affordable travel between Koh Chang and Pattaya city: the Pattaya City <-> Pattaya express Bus line number 392, aka the Pattaya Burapha Bus service. These air conditioned vans will depart from the city of Pattaya and Koh Chang island every day for an as good as non-stop journey, following below time tables. The Koh Chang - Pattaya City bus will only pick up passengers from the bus stations in Chantaburi and Trat, without making an actual stop at either of these bus terminals.

Our lonely beach express van are the only public minibuses that can take passengers all the way to the island of Ko Chang, practically non-stop from the exciting city of Pattaya. Other government and private bus operators usually start or stop at the pier at the mainland near Trat, unloading all passengers that are heading to Koh Chang, as well as their luggage, at the beginning of the pier in Laem Ngop. From there, those passengers are on their own to get all of their luggage to and from the ferries and up and down their small steep stairs and squeezing into the hot song teaw shared taxi's that have been waiting at the pier for more than an hour. Not so for our passengers: any Pattaya Burapha air conditioned mininbus will get onto the recently upgraded center point ferry with both passengers and luggage on board and drop off customers at most of the resorts or nearby drop off point on the west coast of Koh Chang

Shuttle between Pattaya & Koh Chang time table

Transfer from - to:  Departure:
Pattaya City to Koh Chang island 08:50
Koh Chang island to Pattaya City 07:00

Ticket price is set at 400 baht from Koh Chang to Pattaya and 500 baht fromPattaya to Koh Chang. The total transfer time between Koh Chang and Pattaya is between 4 and 5 hours. All types of snacks and beverages are available on the ferry, as well as from the minimarket next to the Pattaya bus terminal.

Book bus tickets on the bus from Pattaya to Koh Chang booking page or read more about why and how on the other pages on this Pattaya City to Ko Chang island web site. Please note that this bus currently does not run during the low season!